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Siddharth Love Failure Mp3 Songs Free Download|

Love Failure (2012) Original ACD RIP VBR [320Kbps]
Cast :- Siddharth Amala Paul
Director : Balaji Mohan
Music : SS Thaman
Producer : Siddharth, S Shashikanth
 Click Here To Download Songs in a Single File [17MB]

Click Below To Download Individual Songs

Parvathi Parvathi
Artist(s): Siddharth
Lyricist: Srimani 
Inthajare Inthajare
Artist(s): Karthik, Suchitra
Lyricist: Srimani 

Happy Heart Attack
Artist(s): Siddharth
Lyricist: Srimani 

Melukora Melukora
Artist(s): Thaman S
Lyricist: Srimani 

Inthajare Inthajare2
Artist(s): Karthik
Lyricist: Srimani 

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Poola Rangadu Trailer

Nippu Video song- Ravi Teja Deeksha seth

Mr Nokia theatrical trailer

Nippu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download

Nippu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download
Cast: Ravi Teja, Deeksha seth
 Music : Thaman
Producer: YVS Chowdary
Story-ScreenPlay- Direction: Gunasekhar
Track List Of Nippu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs

01.Vega Vega
Singers : Shankar Mahadevan

Download Link : MediaFire

02.Nenaa Ninnu
Singers : Karthik , K.S.Chitra

Download Link : MediaFire

03.Ali Baba
Singers : Javed Ali

Download Link : MediaFire

04.Oye Pilla
Singers : Tippu , Harini

Download Link : MediaFire

05.Dooba Dooba
Singers : Thaman S

Download Link : MediaFire

06.Dhiya Dhiya
Singers : Rahul Nambiar , Krishna Chaitanya , Geetha Madhuri , Deepu , Himabindhu , Sudha , Parnika

Download Link : MediaFire

07.Slokam Nippu
Singers : Sravana Bargavi 

Download Link : MediaFire

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Snehitudu (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download

CAST : Vijay, Sreeram, Jeeva, Ileana
MUSIC : Harris Jayaraj
DIRECTOR : Shankar

Click Below To Download Individual Songs

Mana Friendalle
Singer(s): Krish, Suchith Suresan
Lyric(s): Sirivennala Seetaramasastry

Heartu Lo Battery
Singer(s): Hema Chandra, Mukesh
Lyric(s): Vanamali

Aska Laska Emo Emo
Singer(s): Vijay Prakesh, Chinmayi, Suvi (Rap Voice)
Lyric(s): Ramajogayya Sastry

Toli Adugaina Padalede
Singer(s): Aalaap Raju
Lyric(s): Sirivennala Seetaramasastry

Ileana Chitti Belliana
Singer(s): Javed Ali, Sayanora Philips, Vijay Prakash
Lyric(s): Ramajogayya Sastry

Ne Vupiri Ne Sonthama
Singer(s): Javed Ali, Sayanora Philips, Vijay

Mr Nokia (2012) Telugu Mp3 Songs Free Download

Mr.Nokia (2011) Original ACD RIP VBR [320Kbps] 
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Track List of "Mr Nokiya":

1.No Keyia
2.Oke Oka Jeevitham
3.Pistha Pistha
4.Pranam Poye
5.No Money No Honey
6.Ye Janma Bandhamo
7.Theme Of No Keyia

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[MediaFi] OR [MegaUp] OR [Rapidsh] OR [SendSp] OR [Fileserv]


Click Below To Download Individual Songs

01 - No.Keyia – Ranjith
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
02 - Oke Oka Jeevitham – Haricharan
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
03 - Pista Pista – Karthik,Yuvan
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]

04 - Pranam Poye Badha – Yuvan
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
05 - No Money No Money – Karthik,Premji
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
06 - Ye Janma Bandhamo – Ranjith,Priya Hemesh
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
07 - Theme Of No.Keyia – Blazee
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]

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Poola Rangadu Songs Download

Cast : Sunil, Isha Chawla
Director: Veerabrahmam
Producer: K Atchi Reddy
Music Director: Anoop Rubens

Click Below To Download All Songs In  Single File


Click Below To Download Single Songs

Singers : Benny Dayal,Nakash,Bhargavi,Lipsika

 Download Link : MediaFire

2.Nuvvu Naaku
Singers : Anup Rubens,Ranjith,Kousalya
Download Link : MediaFire

3.Okkade Okkade
Singers : Raja Hassan,Noel,Lipsika
Download Link : MediaFire

4.Nuvve Nuvvele
Singers : Karthik,Gayathri
Download Link : MediaFire

Singers : Udith Narayan,Meenal Jain
Download Link : MediaFire

6.Okkade Remix
Singers : Raja Hassan,Lipsika
Download Link : MediaFire

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CCL Season 2 Curtain Raiser Event Un Edit Version 1


Nandiswarudu Movie Review

Cast: Nandamuri Tarakaratna, Jagapathi Babu, Sheena Shahabadi and others
Music: Parthasarathy
Editing: K V Krishna Reddy
Cinematographer: Sudhakar Reddy
 Screenplay, direction: Anji Sreenu
Producers: Kota Gangadhar Reddy, Segu Ramesh Babu

Rating : 2/5


Nandu (Tarak) is an aspiring IPS officer and he comes from a large and loving family. However, few incidents lead him to clash with the dreaded goon Baba (Ajay) and this results in Nandu landing in jail and emerging soon as Nandiswarudu.

Meanwhile, the government appoints the tough cop Eshwar Prasad (Jagapathi Babu) to put a check to Nandiswarudu and his parallel system of governance. But public support and his goodwill give him strength. Finally, the battle gets strong between Nandiswarudu and Baba. Who emerges victorious and whether Nandu escapes from the clutches of Eshwar Prasad or not forms the rest of the story.


Tarakaratna has given a sincere performance. He has improved in dance, body language and screen presence. But he needs to work on his dialogue delivery and reduce the stiffness in front of camera. He should avoid imitating his ‘Babai’s dialogue delivery or mannerisms like big moustaches. Most importantly, he should be careful on the projects and roles he chooses.

Sheena was there for providing the visual relief in songs and ensure the romance quotient is fulfilled. Performance wise, there was nothing for her to do but her sex appeal is satisfactory.

Jagapathi Babu is very good. For some reason, he tends to deliver exceptional performances when he does special roles instead of lead roles. Here again, he was the best among the lot.

Ajay is another talented actor. He has the right kind of menacing looks and personality of a villain. Though his character was not etched to the fullest but he made his presence felt.

Rajeev Kanakala was apt, Suman, Sita, Delhi Rajeswari, Sivaji Raja, Nagineedu, Banerjee were there to fill the gaps. The actors doing Tarak’s friends roles were alright. Rachana Maurya’s item song was some relief to the front benchers.


•Background score and songs

•Jagapathi Babu’s performance



•Beaten track storyline

•Stale melodrama

•Dull first half

•Zero comedy

•Poor imitations of few scenes from other films


The film is the remake of the Kannada movie ‘Deadly Soma’ and unlike the regular remakes where the script is tweaked to suit the nativity of the local audience, nothing has been done here.

The key reason for the film to suffer is the weak handling of the script by the director. Though he maintained a good pace, he was unable to deliver the emotional impact or come up with scenes that will make the audience connect with the film. It would have been nice had the film was just dubbed and released than remaking it.

Entire film is filled with killings. Hero keeps on killing the antagonists. The narration goes in a very artificial way without any depth in scene conceiving. No one knows why hero’s father gives a bundle of money to his son when the latter is in prison. Father states to his son giving money, “Keep this money with you and use for need”. Had the director confused prison with a hostel? Such headless scenes made audience scratch their heads.

The real fall of graph starts when Tarakarathna gets into the get up of Balakrishna in Simha with a snake like moustache. He tried to imitate Balakrishna but failed to convince the audience.

Actress Sheena is very short beside Tarakarathna. The director and cinematographer failed to cover the gap with basic common sense. Watching this film is like sitting on fire.

Overall, this is a film which suffers primarily due to the director’s weak handling and a subject that is old school. Given the likes of ‘Businessman’ and ‘Bodyguard’ even the B, C centre audience would not show that much interest so success is highly unlikely at the box office.

Final Word: Old beaten track

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Adhinayakudu First Look trailers

Venkatesh Bodyguard Review

Bodyguard Review

Starring: Venkatesh,Trisha,Saloni,Prakash Raj, Ali, Subbaraju
Director: Gopichand Malineni
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Music: Thaman S

Rating : 3.25/5

Story :
Venkatadri ( Venkatesh ) is a tough bodyguard who is assigned to protect the family of Varadarajula Naidu (Prakash Raj). Keerthi (Trisha) is the college going daughter of Naidu and Venkatadri accompanies her to the college to keep a watch. Fed up with the close scrutiny maintained by Venkatadri, Keerthi hatches a plan with her friend Swathi (Saloni) to divert Venkatadri’s attention. Kerthi starts making anonymous calls and gets Venkatadri to believe that he has a lover.
A game that starts for fun soon turns serious and emotional bonds are formed. Varadarjulu meanwhile plans to get Keerthi married with bava, Naidu ( Subbaraju) . What happens next? Will Venkatadri know who his anonymous lover is? That forms the rest of the story.

Director Gopichand Malineni stuck to the original version script without many changes making it a genuine remake. Bodyguard is a simple story with an unexpected twist in the end but what makes you fairly engaging and connects to the movie is the interplay of characters, emotional content, ease in narration and engaging dialogues. Also, Bodyguard has all the commercial elements, high voltage action sequences, the comedy is handled well, songs were shot in beautiful and scenic locales. First half of the film is packed with fights, romance, and humor while the second half is an emotional galore and the climax is an asset for the film. Bodyguard has its own flaws but can be overlooked on a whole.

Bodyguard is a tailor made script for Venkatesh and it’s a cakewalk to him. The character showcases love, happiness, comedy, sorrow and all other emotions equally and one has to agree Venkatesh is the right choice for the movie. He has made theater split in laughter with his lady getup in which he shakes leg for Poovai Poovai number.
Trisha is fascinating and she has delivered her best in performance. While the first half showcase her funny and naughty side, the second half brings emotional side to the film.
Saloni in the role of Swathi as Trisha’s friend performed very well. Prakash Raj is regular, Pragathi is alright. Ali and Venu Madhav are hilarious, Kota Srinivasa Rao is good, Subbaraju is fine

Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography is good and the movie looked rich in each frame. Thaman’s songs are soothing and a couple of songs are shot in scenic locales, the background score elevated the scenes. Gopichand Malineni’s direction is good, the story is similar to the remake and had no big changes so is the screenplay, dialogues are amazing and special mention to Kona Venkat, also fights were choreographed well.

Final Word:
Bodyguard is a nice, easy and clean watch. It has some decent comedy, a nice balance of romance and sentiment coupled with some solid performances from the lead cast. Good dialogues enhance the appeal of the film. If you can ignore some cliched moments in the film and a slightly slow second half, the movie is worth a watch. Venky has played to his strengths and families will love it. Thumbs up for Bodyguard.

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Businessman Review

Businessman Review

Business Man Movie Review, Rating, Telugu film: Mahesh Babu is back after a mighty hit Dookudu as Businessman. He teamed up with Pokiri director Puri Jagannadh and it is no wonder the expectations are extremely high. Did Mahesh and Puri repeat Pokiri magic, is this going to be another Dookudu kind of sensational film at the box office? Let’s get into the details of Businessman
Rating: 3.25/5

Surya (Mahesh Babu) comes to Mumbai with a sole aim to become “Bhai” for the city. He starts his mission by recruiting rowdies for monthly salaries. He eyes Mumbai Police Commissioner’s daughter Chitra (Kajal) and loves her. How did he become Bhai and turn out to a big Businessman, forms rest of the story.


There is no story in the film except for a line or two. Puri Jagannadh has written a character and fixed it in a setup. Mumbai mafia is the backdrop of the film. Hero enters the city when there are no opponents at all. So his aim becomes easy and he reaches to the top within no time.

There is a little flashback to him in his childhood, which has nothing to do with his goal though. Even the romantic thread doesn’t have the soul. Businessman is typical Puri film with loads of rowdies and cops scattered all over the screen.

Puri has been doing the same since Pokiri and this time he got the best man in business to be his Businessman. It is Mahesh Babu’s show all the way. His intense performance and powerful dialogues keeps the film alive. There is that humorous angle added to his character and he and only he entertains you as there are no comedians in this film.

Businessman will be liked by Mahesh fans and people who love action movies that defy logic and take all the liberties of filmmaking. It won’t appeal to audience who look for wholesome entertainment and a well written script with well crafted scenes.


Mahesh Babu is the lifeline for this film. He excelled as Surya Bhai from the start to end. Watch out for his fire filled eyes and also his naughty one liners that he exchanges with Kajal. His fans will adore him as Surya Bhai.

Kajal is just okay. Despite having many scenes in the film, her character is poorly etched and therefore she failed to make an impression. Nazar is neat. Brahmaji is fine. Prakash Raj is routine. Sayaji does his usual things.


Dialogues by Puri Jagannadh are the best part in this film. If you like a certain scene in Businessman that is because of the good dialogues in it.  There are so many thoughtful dialogues in typical Puri style. Thaman’s music is good. He did a fine job with the background score and scored a couple of real chartbuster numbers. Cinematography is neat, editing is slick. On the technical front, it is like every Puri Jagannadh’s film. Production values are top notch.

Direction by Puri Jagannadh is poor. Screenplay is racy but there is nothing to talk about. He simply placed scene after scene without much purpose. There are certain things in the film which demands director’s brilliance. But Puri didn’t mind to put in some mind into those. The film is completely away from logic and reality. It is a mindless entertainer which depends on the hero. As a director Puri did nothing to be proud of this product.

Final Word:

Businessman will set new benchmark in terms of openings. But will it sustain in long run depends on how other sections of audience react to it other than Mahesh Babu fans. Worth a watch for Mahesh Babu and Puri dialogues!

Businessman Movie

Rating: 3.25/5
Banner: RR Movie Makers
Cast: Brahmaji , Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Mahesh Babu, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Kajal Agarwal, Sayaji Shinde, Ali ,
Music: Thaman S
Producer: Venkat
Directior: Puri Jagannath

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Body Guard (2011) Telugu Mp3 Songs Download

Body Guard (2011) Movie Audio CD Rips Download
Cast & Crew :: Venkatesh & Trisha
Music :: Thaman S
Director :: Gopichand Malineni
Producer :: Bellamkonda Suresh
Cassettes & CD's On :: Aditya Music
Ripper :: tEam AtoZmp3

-= TrackList =-

01 - Body Guard - Baba Sehgal, Ramya, Naveen Madhav,Rahul Nambiar, M.L.R.Karthik
02 - Hosannaa - Rahul Nambiar, Sri Vardhini
03 - O My God - Geetha Madhuri, Bindu, Sudha, Pranika
04 - Yevvaro - Karthik
05 - Jiyajaley - Haricharan, Harini
06 - Endhukoo - Thaman. S, Swetha Pandit, Haricharan

Click Below To Download All Songs [320KBPS] [43 MB]

[MediaFi] OR [MegaUp]
OR [Rapidsh] OR [SendSp] OR [Fileserv]


Click Below To Download All Songs [128KBPS] [22 MB]
[MediaFi] OR [MegaUp] OR [Rapidsh] OR [SendSp] OR [Fileserv]


Click Below To Download Individual Songs

01 - Body Guard - Baba Sehgal, Ramya, Naveen Madhav ,Rahul Nambiar, M.L.R.Karthik
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
02 - Hosannaa - Rahul Nambiar, Sri Vardhini
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
03 - O My God - Geetha Madhuri, Bindu, Sudha, Pranika
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
04 - Yevvaro - Karthik
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
05 - Jiyajaley - Haricharan, Harini
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
06 - Endhukoo - Thaman. S, Haricharan, Swetha Pandit
Download Link - 320KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]
Download Link - 128KBPS : [MegaUpload] OR [Mediafire]

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Businessman Telugu Movie Music Launch

Sri Rama Rajyam 50 Days Function - 01

Engeyum Eppodhum (2011)

Movie: Engeyum Eppodhum
Shravanand, Jai, Anjali, Ananya
Director: M.Saravanan
Producer: A R Murugadoss
Music: Sathya.C
Language: Tamil
Year: 2011

MU= Megaupload, MF= Mediafire
Download all Songs In Zip File:
320 Kbps ( High Quality): MU | MF
128 Kbps ( Good Quality): MU | MF

Download Individual Songs : HERE
.:: SONGS LIST ::.
01. Govindha - Vijay Prakash, Ranina Reddy, Boni
02. Sotta Sotta - Chinmayi, Sathya
03. Masamaa - Sathya
04. Un Perae Theriyathu - Madhushree
05. Uyir Aruthathe - Sayanora

Don-2 (2011)

Movie: Don-2
Cast: Shahrukh Khan
, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta
Director : Farhan Akhtar
Music : Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyricis : Javed Akhtar
Language: Hindi
Release Date/ Year: 2011

MF= Mediafire Links, MU= Megaupload Links
Download all Songs In Zip File:
320 Kbps ( High Quality): MF | MU
128 Kbps ( Good Quality): MF | MU

Download Individual Songs : HERE
.:: SONGS LIST ::.
01. Aa Raha Hoon Palat Ke
02. Zaraa Dil Ko Thaam Lo
03. Hai Ye Maya
04. Dushman Mera
05. The King Is Back (Theme)
06. Mujhko Pehchan Lo
07. The Don Waltz
08. Mujhko Pehchaan Lo (Remix)
09. Hai Yeh Maya (Remix)

3 (2011) | Why this kolaveri di

Movie: 3
Dhanush, Shruti Haasan
Director: Aishwarya Dhanush
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Language: Tamil
Year: 2011

MU= Megaupload, MF= Mediafire
.:: TRACK ::.

01. Why This Kolaveri Di (Single)
Sung by: DhanushLyrics: Dhanush
320 Kbps ( High Quality): MU | MF
128 Kbps ( Good Quality): MU | MF

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Movie: OosaravelliCast: Jr NTR, Tamanna
Director: Surendra Reddy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Language: Telugu
Year: 2011

Oosaravelli (2011) mp3 Songs Free Download
All Songs In Zip File:
320 Kbps (size: 73 mb ): Download
128 Kbps (size: 30 mb ) : Download

Download Individual Songs : HERE
Singers: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyricist : Chandrabose

Nenante Naaku
Singers: Adnan Sami
Lyricist : Ramajogayya Shastry

Yelango Yelango
Singers: Jaspreet Jasz, Chinmayee
Lyricist : Rama Jhogaya Sastry

Love Ante Caring
Singers: Francisco Castelleno
Lyricist : Ananth Sriram

Sri Anjaneyam
Singers: MLR Karthikeyan
Lyricist : Seetharama Shastry

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Neha Bhasin
Lyricist : Ananth Sriram


Singers: Mukesh, Suchitra
Lyricist : Ananth Sriram

Oosaravelli Title Song
Singers: Ujjayinee Roy
Lyricist : Ramajogayya Shastry, DSP